Internet Under My Skin

Erasmus+ Programme Project, 2017–2019


Project priorities

The project is aimed to teachers and students. We would like the teachers to improve skills and competences in the field of engaging, supporting, understanding and organizing subject matter for student expanding of their horizons with innovative methods, to achieve pedagogical and methodological development and to gain new experience with ICT means and resources.

Our goals for the students are to uncover unknown facts about the topic, to understand its importance, to be able to handle with new information in everyday life, to share and communicate knowledge and experience on the European level by a new way, to work in teams, to practise communication in foreing language, to develop their varied personal skills for their future success in the labour market and to motivate them for their long-life education.

I am ready to be plugged in

I am ready to be plugged in

I can be online everywhere

I can be online everywhere

Aim of the Project

The aim of the project is get to know and understand different realities in strengths and weaknesses of the Internet in order to use it effectively, legally and safely. From the local experience, we intent to build up a project that dignifies the human being on the global Internet scale. With the help from the other countries we can make better achievements and results in this area. In spite of the Internet threats and dangers for people of all ages we would like to focus on the most sensitive group, which means teenagers – the students involved in the project. For this group, it is difficult to recognise the possible impacts and consequences of inappropriate way of treating the Internet. Most of the activities, projects, events, infrastructures and existing services at schools have students as their public target.

This project must be carry out internationally because the Internet is a global issue. It isn’t specific for one place or people, it´s a challenge of a global concern. The Internet doesn´t have any borders. Even there are different rules and laws in each country and we have to face different Internet environment, we could take an advantage of our experience from other countries to broad our minds in European context.

Using the Internet with respect opens new possibilities of communication, education, creativeness, publication and job preparation.

The project is devided into six half-yearly topics (below with keywords):


Czech Republic
Gymnázium Uherské Hradiště
6–12. November 2017


publishing options on the Internet (slideshows, blogs, webpage templates, content management systems, media content, data content, office suites in cloud, social networks as a publishing channel, …), how to search effectively


INS d’Alella
22–28. April 2018


history (ARPANET, progress), face of the Internet over time, how it works, net elements (repeater, router, switch, …), services (ftp, www, mail, …) – educational webs and education in a fun online way, interesting web pages, architecture (P2P, client-server), advantages and disadvantages


Gimnazija Kranj
21–27. October 2018


copyright, creative commons, license (SW, images, …), plagiarism, computer piracy, P2P versus client-server (downloading, sharing, storing, …)


Kadrina Keskkool
10–16. February 2019


cyberbullying, cyberstalking, happy slapping, sexting, cybergrooming, phishing, pharming, spoofing, spam, cybercrime, malware, way to be safe (strong password, https), trustfulness of information


Escola Secundária da Ribeira Grande
6–12. October 2019


online and offline communication, social networks, facebook, the phenomenon, e-mail, netiquette, be offline


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Coordinating school

Gymnázium Uherské Hradiště
Velehradská třída 218
686 01, Uherské Hradiště
Czech Republic

Contact person

Vladimír Bušek
ICT teacher
+420 731 616 464

Project information

Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Action: Strategic Partnerships
Main Field: Strategic Partnerships for Schools Only (KA219)
Main Objective: Exchanges of Practices