10th February

arrival of participants, accommodation

Teachers‘ meeting

11th February

welcome to the school

The day started like another Monday. After breakfast in our host families we went to school which starts at quarter to nine. After we came to school, put our clothes to cases and went through the whole school to a concert hall. At the first sight the school looks much smaller than it actually is. After we took a seats came the headmaster of the school and the teachers who were connected to the project. After a headmaster’s speech there were two performances of the school choir and also dance group like show of their folklore that were really impressive.

lecture from State Information System Authority, Ilmar Toom

After warm welcome to the school, there was a lecture from state information system authority. The lecture was about: how we should protect ourselves of hackers and systems that can damage our data. Use strong password, at least 8 symbols with combination of upper case and lower case and some random symbol, for example „?“ and so on. We should always think about things that we post on social sites, because we never know when someone can use them against us. There are thousands of attacks every second in the world and fortunately there are people who are trying to catch these hackers and stop them. Interesting information is that even your USB data can be damaged when you conect your USB with infected computer. When you receive strange e-mail from someone and there is written that you have to click on some link, don’t click, if you don’t know what is it, only open the e-mail can be dangerous so be careful what you open and where you click. Almost everything can be infected so keep your eyes on all the time!

icebreaking activities

After the lecture we had icebreaking activities. It was our first day in Estonia so we haven’t known each other at all. That is why Estonian girls prepared many games which purpose was to get to know each other.
First we were in a circle and we were trying to remember each other names. That was kind of funny because we found out that many of us are terrible in remembering names and because we are from five different countries, sometimes we had problems to even pronounce the name correctly. After that we were devided into pairs and we were given interesting topics to talk about. For example: “Do you believe in aliens? or Have you ever been in love?”

At the beginning of these activities we were completly strangers but at the end we were a little bit closer and at this point, some of us has started many long -term friendships.

presenting „Cyberbullying, cyberstalking, happy slapping, sexting, cybergrooming“, part 1


Erasmus feast

After lunch was time for Erasmus feast. We prepared our typical food on our tables and set up our flags. Everyone had chance to try our cakes, drinks, sweets or chocolates. In a few minutes came Estonian students and started tasting. We also tasted foreign food. I hope everyone enjoyed tasting and found something, what is missing in their country.

welcome dinner to all the participants in Palmse Tavern

In the evening we went by bus to tavern near by the national park. There we tasted typical Estonian food- pork with potatos. After diner came folklor group which swohed us Estonian social life in the past. We also tried dance and sing with them. Estonian dance is something between dance and game so we enjoyed it, however we can´t dance.


12th February

school tour


presenting „Our schools, regions and countries“


bus tour – Lahemaa National Park (Sagadi Adventure Programme, Altja, …)



13th February

presenting „Avoid the threat“


lecture – Kalev Pihl – Internet safety


lecture – Maarja Punak – Estonian police, web constable


meeting the Mayor


tour – Rakvere Castle



14th February

Tallinn – Estonia’s capital city (Parliament, photohunt, …)



15th February

workshop „Way to be safe“


dictionary „International Internet words“


presenting „Cyberbullying, cyberstalking, happy slapping, sexting, cybergrooming“, part 2


farewell party



16th February

departure day