21st October

arrival of participants, accommodation

teachers‘ meeting

22nd October

welcoming and introducing the school

On the 22nd of October we welcomed all of the partner groups that arrived in Kranj one day earlier. At 8 o´clock in the morning all of us had to meet in our school´s conference room where a student Tinkara from our school  welcomed students and their teachers from Portugal, Estonia, Spain and Czech Republic. Tinkara gave a warm welcome to everybody and  mentioned every country separately so that we would all know which student belongs to which country. For a bit of entertainment our school´s choir came and sang us a few Slovenian songs.

After the welcome every country made a brief but interesting presentation of their school. And then the coordinator Vladimir Bušek from Czech Republic gave a speech.

presenting „Our schools, regions and countries“

During thr first days of our meeting in Slovenia, beginning with 2018-10-22, students from each country presented their schools, countries and regions: how their regions look like, beautiful nature etc. Schools differ as well – we were presented different activities and projects schools perform. It was interesting to realise how similar we, as human species, are, and how different some parts of our cultures can be.

team building

One of the activities was Team Building. The purpose of this was to connect, to get to know each other better. One of the professors on Gimnazija Kranj, Janez Mali, prepeared some easy games to help us. We devided in group of three, one was in the middle and leaned back and had to trust the other two to cathc him and push him back. Than we were in pairs telling two truths and one lie and the other had to guess which one was the lie. Than we were devided in three groups. We grabbed hands and tried to figure out how to get in circle. The next and last activity, we were sitting in circle and one was standing in the middle telling something like this »I like pancakes« and everyone who liked pancakes had to switch places and one was left out and had to say something similar again.

presenting „By legal way“

Students prepare presenation about topic by legal way. Slovenian students were talking about GDPR. Czech students about DOWNLOADING, SHARING, STORING, Spanish students about COPYRIGHT AND CREATIVE COMMONS (what is copyright, history – Berne Convention,, when does copyright arise, when do we violate copyright, what is/not (idea, method, scientific theory, …) author’s work, what we have to do if we would like to use any materials protected by copyright, what is Creative Commons, what is the idea of CC, what does BY, NC, ND, SA mean, do we know some websites which offers materials under CC licence, Estonian students presented to us: PLAGIARISM ANS COMPUTER PIRACY, what is/not plagiarism, what kind of plagiarism do we know (direct, self, mosaic, accidental, cryptomnesias, …), what is bibliography, for what do we use citation styles, what is computer piracy. Portugese students talked about LICENCES, software – freeware, shareware, commercial, trial, demo, adware, Images – rights-managed, royality free, creative commons. We learnd a lot of new things and I think that with our new knowledge about all the
mentions previous topics we will be safer on the internet.

Erasmus Feast

After all the meeting, greeting and talking we got really hungry. And since it's a tradition to have Erasmus feast, our country wasn't an exception. We went to the main lobby and began with the preparation. After about 30 minutes we had everything set up. It was really cool seeing all the food from different countries especially since we knew it was all for us. We sadly had to wait for our teachers aswell, but a lot of the food went missing in the process. When the teachers came, every country presented it's foods and then we were finally able to eat. Everything was really really good – portugeese and chezch cookies, estonian drinks, spanish prosciutto and slovenian dumplings. The food was gone before we even knew it.

visiting the school facilities and the town Kranj

The first bit of presenting our school was on the first day when we all met at the Conference Hall of our school, which, fun fact, lies in the top floor of our school. After all the stairs, that nearly killed us straight away (it was early in the morning!)

Our meeting point every day (when we had activities at our school facility) was the so called “Blue Room” (origin. “Morda soba”). The room lays near the Conference Hall, which means that we had to walk the before mentioned stairs at least once to twice a day. That way all the foreign students got a good insight in the everyday life of a Gimnazija Kranj student.

But the real visiting and presentation of our school followed later in the afternoon after the Erasmus feast. We divided into two groups that were both led by a Slovenian student. All the students got to walk the school from the top to bottom (again) and hear what subjects we have and some fun facts and stories about the classes that usually occur in the classrooms during the noon. They weren’t able to be present during the classes but from all the posters that are hung around our school they could get at least a bit of a feeling. After that we left the school facility and went on our “Tour de Kranj”.

On our “Tour de Kranj” we showed them the town centre which is the main square with its fountain, church of Saint Kancijan and big statue of Slovenia’s greatest poet, France Prešeren. The square is surrounded by old conjoined houses. Then we took them for a short walk by an old castle, called Khislstein, to a lookout point at the end of the town. From there, we saw two canyons surrounding our little medieval town. From the left, river Kokra, that's flowing into the river Sava, coming from the right.

teachers‘ meeting


23rd October

presenting „Cases of breaking the law“

visiting ARNES company in Ljubljana

As we know the main topic of the Erasmus Plus project is the internet, so while we were in Slovenia we had some great and beneficial experiences about internet security. On our way to Ljubljana we made a first stop at the ARNES Company (The Academic and Research Network of Slovenia). ARNES is a public institute that provides network services to research, educational and cultural organizations, and enables them to establish connections and cooperation with each other and with related organizations abroad.

Once there we had a presentation about how to avoid being followed by the digital prints we leave when we surf the internet or any type of social networking site.

Thanks to this talk we learnt different internet sites that avoid being tracked on the internet such as Disconnect, a site that lets you visualize and block the invisible sites that track your search and browse your history.

StartPage , a site that delivers online tools that help you to stay in control of your personal information and protect online privacy.

We also got to know Protonmail, the world largest secure email service.

We could learn a lot from it and now we are much more concerned about our privacy on the internet.

visiting the City of Ljubljana

We went to Ljubljana the 23rd of October. It was 11 o’clock in the morning, Tuesday, and we had just finished our first meeting about Safe Internet. We went to the bus and, thirty minutes later, we were in Ljubljana.

Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia, a country situated between Italy, Austria and Croatia. It has 2 million inhabitants. Ljubljana, its capital, is located in the center of Slovenia. It has 200.000 inhabitants and 164km2 .

What we first saw was Ljubljana Castle. It’s a castle from the Middle Ages, located on Castle Hill, above Ljubljana. Originally, it was a medieval fortress, but now, it’s one of the most famous places and crowded places of Ljubljana. When you arrive at the top of the hill, you can see the whole Ljubljana, it’s a place that you can’t miss it, especially during the night.

When we finished sightseeing the Ljubljana Castle, we went down to Ljubljana’s city. There, we had two hours to have lunch. At four o’clock in the afternoon, we met all the teachers and other students at the Triple Bridge. It’s another of the most famous places of Ljubljana. It’s a bridge that, is formed by three little bridges. The main one was for carriages, and the two little ones were for people. Nowadays, as cars can’t cross the bridge, the three bridges are used by pedestrians.

After the Triple Bridge, we went to the Robba Fountain. This fountain is located in the center of the city, in front of Ljubljana’s Town Hall at Town Square. It was constructed by the most famous and important sculptor Francesco Robba. It is known, as well, as the Fountain of the Three Carniolan Rivers. We saw the Town Hall too.

At the end, we visited the library of the University of Ljubljana, after seeing the Tivoli City Parck. While we were sightseeing Ljubljana, one student explained us that in the city, there was a legend of a dragon similar to Saint Jorge’s legend.

In conclusion, Ljubljana is a very beautiful city, unique in the world and, if you go someday to Slovenia, don’t miss sightseeing this incredible city and its particular monuments.

bowling in Kranj

After visiting Ljubliana, we went bowling and we had a lovely time. We were there to meet our friends and get to know something about the people that were on the Erasmus project.

We had to do some groups to play, and then, the person that scored more
points in every group won the game.

Then, every exchange student went home with our host student to have dinner and go to sleep to get ready for a new day in Slovenia.

teachers‘ meeting


24th October

presentation „Informacijski pooblaščenec (Information Commissioner)“

presentation „Varni internet“

This lecture supplemented our information that we had at school about IT and Internet use. The lecturrer reported many cases of normal life, which most likely captured everyone. I enjoyed it very much and at the same time I learned something new.

welcome ceremony at the town hall

After being welcomed by the the Mayor we were watching the document about Kranj and about history of the region. The mayor in his speech apreciated to be part of the project Erasmus+ and to welcome students and teachers from different countries.THe atmosphere was very formal but nice. We really enjoyed the refreshments they were serving. It was delicious! Especially al kinds of fruit.

volleyball match

We formed two international groups which varied after each match. The atmosphere was friendly and we really enjoyed different approaches. IT was fun even though we had various levels. Even teachers took part in the game.

teachers‘ meeting


25th October

trip to Gorenjska

Mount Vogel gave us the opportunity to see the real nature and landscape of Slovenia. The view was breathtaking. At the local cafe we drank some tasty hot chocolate and looked at the beautiful white clouds around us.

At Lake Bled of course our first thought was to visit the Island. But after finding out about the unfortunate price we figured we should just stay on land and eat some more of the delicious Kremna Rezina, take pictures around the magnificent reservoir and spend our money in local souvenire shops.

At the Planica Nordic Centre some people from our project saw snow for the first time in their life. It was an exciting scenery. We also saw one of the highest ski jumping mountains and even got to go on top of it.

In the evening we all got together and celebrated Marta’s (a Spanish girl) birthday with some cake and hot chocolate.

teachers‘ meeting


26th October

workshop „Cases of breaking the law“

This day was in Vlads hands. Through the day we had workshops. Firstly we had to do some posters, which were full of information and questions about this week. When we had done, each country took it home and showed it in their schools.

presenting „Cases of certain breaking the law“ and Student parliament

After lunch our teacher Aleš had prepared a presentation about examples of breaking a law.  All of the three examples were very alike, but at the end they were different. After Alešs presentation it was our task to answer some questions. We wrote our opinion in the groups and then was students parliament where every group told their opinion.

farewell dinner, teachers‘ meeting

Because next day was also last day, after school program everybody went to pack things.  Of course we had a farewell party to say goodbye to everyone. After the party it was time to go to sleep.


27th October

departure day